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Peppermint Oil

I currently use the peppermint oil in my scalp and as a body oil after showering. So refreshing! The peppermint leaves a soft scent lingering over my body and it’s not oily at all in my hair or on my skin. As the weather is changing to winter now, I love using it as my go to skin moisturizer, and I have had great results with it so far. Great product SC Skincare!

- Danny

Lemongrass Oil

My favourite is the lemongrass oil. I use it everyday combined with my lotion for the utmost moisture during these cold months. Highly recommend it. The oil is rich and thick and one bottle has lasted me a while. The lemongrass scent is sweet but not too overbearing. Once on me I feel relaxed and revived.

- Rochelle

Lemongrass Scrub

I use this scrub weekly and it's the best I've tried thus far. It goes on your skin nicely, but the best part is how your skin feels after use. Your skin feels so smooth and soft, but on top of that the smell is AMAZING!!!!😍


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